To launch advertising campaigns on Egomnia, please read the Advertising section on our site.

You will need to register your company on and click on the Premium section.

You can create and launch focused campaigns in real time and visualize the results in terms of views and clicks.

You can also advertise your services to users, as well as to companies.

Egomnia Customers Advertising

  • Heineken
  • Vodafone
  • LSBF
  • HRC
  • Publitalia 80
  • Kaplan

Egomnia Customers Advertising

  • Heineken
  • Vodafone
  • LSBF

Membership Program

The membership program to Egomnia Advertising is a program addressed to all agencies that want to be officially recognized by Egomnia as experts in the innovative Egomnia Advertising platform.

The program involves the following steps:
- Contact Egomnia to requesting the Membership Program
- Get free training and keep in touch with the dedicated Egomnia team
- Get discounts on Advertising Services
- Get the official Egomnia membership badge to be used in your business and your website
- Inclusion of your logo in in the "Member Agents" section

Affiliated Agencies

  • E Ventures
  • 3V Agency
  • Ideama

For further information please contact us to