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About US


Egomnia is an Italian IT company offering innovative services for the HR market. Its services and solutions are aimed at the HR industry via B2C and B2B products. The main B2C Egomnia product is “”, a social network that focuses on meeting job demand and offer.

Company Details

Egomnia S.r.l is a limited liability company with sole owner and has a share capital of €10,000.00
Egomnia owns the web portal.
Egomnia owns the Egomnia® brand.
Egomnia owns the copyright of Egomnia©

Mission and Values

Egomnia was founded with the aim of helping people to find a job in Italy. Italy has believed in Egomnia, seeing it as having the potential to become the first big Italian company in the field of web and ICT. Egomnia’s mission can be therefore captured by the goal of becoming a global leader in the e-recruiting industry. Egomnia firmly believes and focuses on the importance of “quality”, the feature that lead the “made in Italy” to worldwide success.The other cornerstone of Egomnia’s mission are the Young Talents, an incredible value-add to any company according to Egomnia. The company, the management and employees commit to behave ethically, honestly and professionally everyday while pursuing daily goals and the company’s mission, to this extent they also sign a ethic company code.

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Legal Residence and Headquarter:
Egomnia S.r.l
Via degli Olmetti 46, 00060 – Formello (Roma), Italy
Egomnia Corporation
11 Broadway, 10004 - New York (NY), USA


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