Copyright Information

We are currently translating the “User Agreement”, "Privacy Policy" and "Copyright Information".
We would like to remind you that the contractual effects and each aspect of your relation with Egomnia are regulated under the Italian law as per the Italian version of the document denominated “Termini e Condizioni d’Uso”, "Privacy" and "Informativa sul Copyright". Thereby, the English translation serves just as a courtesy document for our International users.

4. Procedures for reporting the contents in violation of industrial property rights and copyright and other illegal content.

It is recalled that under clause 1. E. 1 of the general conditions of contract, requiring subscription to EGOMNIA, you, inter alia, undertakes:

- In order to use all services provided to EGOMNIA in full compliance with all applicable regulations, including laws and acts having force of law, regulations, customs and habits, and in any case with a conduct oriented to the principles of fairness and transparency in accordance with the standards of professional diligence;
- do not publish and/or upload on EGOMNIA illegal content, defamatory or otherwise obscene and/or contrary to public decency, or constituents SPAM or "chain letters", i.e. harmful or dangerous (such as viruses, worms, codes, files or programs designed to interrupt or damage the functionality of other software or hardware EGOMNIA or users of EGOMNIA);
- Do not upload confidential information and/or secretate and/or confidential information that you do not have the right to disclose or make available in accordance with applicable law and/or by virtue of contractual relations. This prohibition includes, by way of example: Corporate Information; trademarks, patents, industrial property in general; the content covered by copyright and/or copyright;

We remember you also that, by virtue of the indemnity (clause 1. F. 8) of the general conditions of the contract you agree to keep hold harmless and / or to indemnify EGOMNIA from any form of responsibility is configurable within the meaning of the applicable legislation or that of their own country or a third country, for use by you carried out of the services or as a result of the loading of data or content, by its, for the incorrectness / falsehood / lack of veracity of the information provided, or due to any conduct, in contrast with the present contract and / or in violation of laws, equivalent acts, regulations, orders autoritativi.

Given the fact that on EGOMNIA, members can, without any filter or possibility of prior control by us, insert your data and publish content, EGOMNIA is not obliged to carry out any control over the content on the data uploaded by users (with relative disclaimer, as per section F of this Agreement); however EGOMNIA following the best practices, notification mechanisms of the contents in violation of industrial property rights and copyright and of those offenses, i.e. contrary to the present contract and / or the applicable legislation.

These procedures are aimed at enabling EGOMNIA to remove in autonomy the contents indicated above, where suitably reported.

Therefore, in the case in which deems a content in infringement of industrial property rights or copyrights or other illegal content, please give us a news, in accordance with the procedures laid down in the general conditions of contract (clause 1. H), under your own responsibility and with the related EGOMNIA disclaimer and operativeness of clause (1. F. 8), in case EGOMNIA would incur in consequential liability to your untruthful declarations.