Frequently asked questions

  1. How do I change my Password?

    You can change or recover your password by clicking on the “Edit Password” button located at the bottom of the homepage, then just follow the guide to change or recover your password.

  2. How do I upload my Resume?

    You can upload your resume by following the necessary steps. Login and click on the “Edit profile” button located in the top right corner of your profile page. You can also directly upload your resume by skipping to the “Upload Resume” step. Most document formats are accepted. We suggest that you both fill in your profile and upload your resume as a separate document to gain visibility.

  3. How much is the Service?

    Signing up on Egomnia is totally free for both users and companies.

  4. How do I apply to Ads?

    To apply for a job or internship login and click on the “Jobs/Internships” section. A list of vacancies will then appear, click then on the “Apply” button located underneath the vacancy you wish to apply to.

  5. To whom is Egomnia addressed?

    Egomnia is for those Users who are looking for a job and for those interested in joining a professional community, for those Companies who wish to advertise their own products/services and their initiatives and for HR professionals wishing to post vacancies, search for candidates and access the Egomnia database, entering a social community of HR professionals.

  6. How do I suggest Egomnia to my friends?

    You can make suggestions to Egomnia by email and via all the major social networks. Share job/internship postings, your Egomnia score and ranking and follow Egomnia official pages on all social networks.

  7. How do I add a missing Degree Course?

    Please notify our team if your faculty is not yet in our database by sending an email to

  8. How do I add a missing certification?

    To add a certification not yet available in our database please log in, and go to the “Profile” section, then click on “Edit Profile”, located on the top right corner of your screen. Then select “Add certification” and choose “New certification”.

  9. How do I add a Foreign Degree?

    Whether you wish to add a degree obtained in your home country or abroad you need to perform the same steps. Log in and go to your Profile section, then click on “Edit Profile”, located on the top right corner of your screen. Select “Add Degree” and you will then be asked in which country you obtained your qualification. Specific drop down lists of faculties and universities are available for each country.

  10. How do I fully exploit Egomnia?

    To fully utilise Egomnia’s potential, fill in your online resume carefully and thoroughly, inserting both curricular and extra curricular information. Choose a neat and professional picture and upload also your CV document (.doc, .pdf and many other formats are accepted). It is also very important to create and nurture your network. Candidates who provide phone and email contacts are also more easily reached by Companies.

  11. Safety uses SSL certificate, a cryptographic protocol that allowa for safe end-to end communication on TCP/IP networks. The infrastructure, the techniques and instruments used to develop the platform make it a scalable, solid and secure web application able to adapt and integrate via a j.v.m. with most platforms, keeping high level performance.

  12. Translation

    Egomnia is currently available in Italian, English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Portoguese. You may find items not yet translated or mistakes while browsing. Please contribute to finalizing the website by sharing your translation notes and tips to . If your help is remarkable you will be awarded a special mention in our Hall of Fame as a sign of our gratitude.

  13. How to delete your Egomnia account

    To permanently delete your profile on Egomnia you first need to log in. At the bottom of the Profile section of the website you will find a link to the Help Center. The link will redirect you to the guide on permanently removing your account from our database.

For any other kind of help or information please contact the Egomnia team via email to