Advertising in Egomnia pursues two paths:
Company product

With regards to promoting your Company, Egomnia advertisement follows three easy steps:



Registering a Company account on Egomnia automatically creates a Company page in the community. The page should be appealing and feature the Company logo (especially important for the “I would like to work here” feature). The more people who would like to work for the Company increase the overall Company rating.


with people

it consists in the promotion of the page among the community members, increasing the number of people that click on “I would like to work here”. The posts are created with the aim of bringing many users to view the brand and the Company page.


Engaging with people
using quality content

This includes continuous maintenance and the production of quality content: job ads, wall posts, posts on the personal page.

With regards to the product, promotions can be launched by Companies both registered and not registered on Egomnia. It is sufficient to create a promotion campaign to advertise a product in the Egomnia community. The banner can link to a link or a page internal or external to Egomnia.
Adversiting Price
1000 random people reached $ 0.18
100 random companies reached $ 0.80
Post on the wall $ 24.99
1000 profiled people reached $ 0.80
100 profiled companies reached $ 1.20
Highlights in the company area $ 24.99 per day

DEM (Direct Email Marketing)

The advertisement that Egomnia sends to its users has to comply with some important requirements. The Company policy allows the access to this service only to Companies and products that can benefit Egomnia Users, for example offering services that increase the users’ ranking and employability and foster their chances of being contacted by Companies.
Quantity Price
C.P.M. (Cost per Mille) $ 10
C.P.C. (Cost per Click) $ 0,60